Building Pyramids - Hedebo Buttonhole Stitches I

The centre square is about 4cm

4cm is about 48threads (28ct linen)

Buttonhole Stitches were used to stitch the centre square.
48 threads x 48 threads)

There are three triangles at the base of each pyramid
48 threads / 3 triangles = 16 threads)

Mark the tip of each triangle.

A waste knot on the  right hand side

Start  the first stitch from the left hand side

Here is the link : How to do Hedebo Embroidery

Make sure you catch the thread on the other side of the fabric

When you reach the last stitch of the row

Whip back to the first stitch of the row

First triangle is finished

Whip down to the base of the triangle

Continue to the next one.....